Boom Go The Puppies™ is what happens when you combine crazed puppies with the games of hot potato and Russian roulette! 

Dog Puns.
Crazy Characters.
Silly Challenges.


Blast shelters.
Belly laughs.
Player high jinxs.

  • 2-5 Players

  • 2 min to learn

  • 10-20 min to play

  • Ages 7+

  • Ideal for families and adult game night


Game night
will never 
be the same !

Boom Go The Puppies™ combines humour, strategy, chance, puns, explosions, hilarious player challenges, card swaps, sudden twists, and the ability for players to create their own wild rules, all combined into one ultimate game, with simple rules based around a simple concept.

How to play

The goal is simple enough : don’t blow up. You will find a variety of cards to help you avoid, delay and escape explosions, but also ways to attack (and torment) other players along the way. Who doesn’t love crazed puppies, blast shelters, distress signals, teleportation, yelling like Tarzan, street dancing and using the ever-popular Portal Gun during game night ? So get ready, here come the puppies !

Front_Mockup_Cards cards_small.jpg

Simple concept
Super easy to play

Holding a Bomb and a Detonator makes you explode, whereas holding only one, doesn’t. Use one of the 18 different types of cards to escape, deflect, or delay explosions. Easy, right ?

Jurassic Bark.png

Fun artwork

The artwork is meticulously drawn and features an array of stylized puppies. Bright, cheerful, they make the game a pleasure to play. Fun for kids and adults alike.

Booger Danger.png

& interactive

From farts to boogers, unlock ways to torment your fellow gamers to gain an advantage. Make them do ridiculously silly things, or even just embrace that silliness and do them yourself.


Expansion packs

The NSFW version has more amazing characters, situations, puns, and double meanings which are all guaranteed to get the conversation (and laughter) going. The cards are not obscene or rude, but have the right amount of naughtiness for game night.

Launching on
October 14, 2022

What's more fun than crazed puppies and player high jinx? 

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Take a 


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New card designs
are on the way !

We're in the process of tweaking and updating the design of our cards! We haven't completely finished yet, so we hope to upload them in the coming days. In the meantime, take a look at our initial designs bellow !

Meticulously drawn cards
Gift cards
Peek cards
Steal cards
Pounce cards
Shuffle The Deck cards
Denial cards
Collect cards
Bomb and Detonator cards

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Distraction cards
Escape cards
Super Swap cards
Unique cards
Unique cards
SAD_05 MZ.png
SOS Signal cards and the Puppy Bomb Squad

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